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In Reviewのまま2週間がたちました。


Subject:When does the review end?

Hello, App Review Team

I reviewing requested my application LinkedWord two weeks ago. 

The review has not ended yet though two weeks have passed since the review request was done.

When does the review end?

Application Name:XXXX


Thank you for contacting iPhone Developer Program.

Message Subject: When does the review end?
Follow-Up: XXXXXX

We've received your application inquiry.  Each app submitted to Apple has different capabilities, features, and complexity, which means that individual review times vary.   Once the application review process has been completed, you will receive an email notification.

Note: If you self-reject a binary and upload a new one, the application review process is reset and starts from the beginning. Therefore, we strongly recommend that any quality assurance testing is performed prior to submitting the app.

While we cannot respond to every app submission inquiry, if we encounter any issues or need additional information you will be contacted.

If you wish to check the status of your application, you can do so by visiting iTunes Connect

Best Regards,

ん?self rejectしたりアップロードをするとレビュー待ち列の最後に戻ると書いてある。upload a new oneってアプリのバイナリのこと?だったら何もしてないけど、もしかしたらレビュー出した後、画像ファイルを何個か入れ替えたけどそれが原因なのか(昨日も入れ替えました)?
Developer Rejectさえしなければ問題ないと思ってましたがそうじゃないみたいです。ということでまだしばらくかかりそうです。